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TMS Cryptography Pack v4.1.0.0

TMS Cryptography Pack v4.1.0.0

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    TMS Cryptography Pack contains strong and up to date algorithms to perform most cryptographic operations. It includes algorithms to encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify, hash and authenticate data and files.

    The list of algorithm includes:

    • AES (all standard modes and key sizes) to encrypt and decrypt according to FIPS 197
    • AES MAC to authenticate data
    • AES Galois Counter Mode to authenticate data according to NIST SP 800-30D
    • SPECK to encrypt and decrypt with low power chips
    • RSA (OAEP/PSS and PKCS v1.5) to sign and verify signatures of data with key size up to 4096 bits or to encrypt and decrypt (used to exchange keys)
    • EdDSA and ECDSA to sign and verify signatures with Edwards elliptic curves and NIST curves
    • ECIES to encrypt and decrypt with elliptic curves, the AES and SHA2 (used to exchange keys)
    • Salsa20 to encrypt and decrypt data
    • SHA-2 to generate hashes according to FIPS 180-4
    • SHA-3 to generate hashes according to FIPS 202
    • PBKDF2 to derive keys from password according to PKCS #5
    • Blake2 to generate hashes and support Argon2
    • RIPEMD-160 to generate hashes (e.g., for blockchain/bitcoin compatibility)
    • Argon2 to derive keys from passwords, winner of the Password Hashing Competition
    • Support functions to code/decode various standard formats (e.g., Base64)

    It includes also functionalities related to X.509 certificates:

    • Generate self signed certificates
    • Parse and display the fields of a certificate
    • Generate and verify XAdES signatures


    “Very easy to use classes giving access to powerful encryption algorithms”

    TMS Cryptography Pack contains class wrappers for the supported cryptography functions and various demos. The registered version comes with full source code of the class wrappers to cryptography functions provided in binary format. TMS Cryptography Pack can be used in VCL Windows 32/64 and FMX Windows 32/64, OS X, iOS32, iOS64 and Android apps.

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