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VeCAD v6.1.8.38 OCX good create vector as autocad in DELPHI

Discussion in 'Delphi Components' started by N0body, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff

    VeCAD is a vector graphics library. It can be used as a 
    multi-purpose drafting tool or as a base for your own 
    specialized drawing applications (CAD/GIS). 
    The library is realized as both a run-time Windows 32 bit DLL
    and an OCX. They can be used with applications written in the 
    popular Visual IDE languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, 
    C++ Builder and Visual C++.

    The VeCAD package also includes a powerful CAD editor in 
    executable form, based entirely on the VeCAD engine. Use this 
    application to visualize your own project's possibilities! 

    VeCAD features: 

    - Supports AutoCAD DWG and DXF drawings formats by using OpenDWG technology. 
    Kolbasoft company is a Commercial member of OpenDWG Alliance. 

    - Native VEC format for drawings. Drawings can also be saved as raster images. 

    - Save/Read drawing to/from memory (BLOB fields). 

    - Supports Pages, Layers, Linetypes, BHIDE-THANKSs, TextStyles, PointStyles, 
    Multi-line Styles (parallel lines), Dimension styles, Selection Sets. 

    - Graphic objects include Points, Lines, Sub-classed Polylines, Circles, 
    Arcs, Ellipses, Rectangles, Text, BHIDE-THANKS Insertions, Dimensions and 
    Raster Images. All objects can use the 3D coordinate system. 

    - Supports plug-in filters to open raster image in various formats. 
    VeCAD ships with an open-source plug-in that supports the GIF, JPEG, 
    and TIFF formats. On our website you can download additional plug-ins 
    that let you to open in VeCAD an images of the following formats: PNG, 
    GIF, PCX, ICO, WMF, EMF, J2K, JBG, MNG and also ER Mapper Compressed 
    Wavelet (ECW) images. 

    - A unique identifier for each drawing object facilitates external database 

    - Access to all the properties of any object, either programmatically 
    or via dialogs. 

    - Zoom capabilities allowing you to view the entire drawing or any 
    desired part of it. 

    - Mouse Wheel supports real-time Zoom and Pan. 

    - Print Preview. 

    - Draw in Model space and/or Paper space. 

    - Edit operations include Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Explode, 
    Erase, Join, Trim, Extend. Single objects can be edited by moving 
    their control points (grips). 

    - Various snap modes allow you to draw/edit objects accurately without 
    tedious calculations. Snapping modes use ID markers to enhance operator
    speed and vision. Superior Polar Tracking capability. 

    - Event-driven mechanism permits control of an application at the user 
    interface level. 

    - Interface commands can be assigned directly to an application's menus, 
    buttons and accelerator keys. 

    - Supports Windows TTF fonts and AutoCAD SHP/SHX fonts. 

    - Supports AutoCAD hatch patterns (PAT) and linetypes (LIN). 

    - Clipboard copy and paste. 

    - Undo-Redo buffer saves 100 commands. 

    - An accessory Command Window facilitates keyboard-driven command lines, 
    introducing a potential macro interface for the application programmer. 

    - Easy localization to any language. 

    Download HERE
  2. wesleytorres

    wesleytorres DF Member

    how to register? tanks
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    jeongsoo2k Guest

    thanks a lot
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    jankers Guest

    Many thank's
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