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Discussion in 'Delphi Components' started by N0body, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff

    Rubicon is a set of Delphi components that performs full text search. Rubicon is compatible with all versions of Delphi and C++ Builder. This demo uses the Rubicon components to index and search a database table. The major elements of the demo consist of: 
    -Tables Tab
    -Index Tab
    -Build Tab
    -Search Tab
    -DBGrid Options
    How Rubicon Works
    Rubicon can process database records, text files, RTF files, HTML files, and other files that can be converted to text. Rubicon processes the text, identifies the unique words in the text, and then assigns a unique integer location to the words. For example, if a database table has 1000 records that are indexed on CustomerNo starting at number 1001 and ending at 2000, all the unique words contained in the record at index location 1001 would be identified and assigned an index number of zero (CustomerNo minus the lowest CustomerNo, or 1001 - 1001). This process is repeated for all the records. The result is a Words table which contains all the unique words in the table and a bitmap or index of there locations in the table. With these indexes, a search for "John Smith" simply requires reading and ANDing the bitmaps for the words "John" and "Smith".

    Visual Controls
    Rubicon includes two visual controls, TrbHints and TrbRichEdit. The TrbHints control is demonstrated in the Search Tab and is visible in the Hints sub tab. TrbRichEdit is a RichEdit control that performs matching word highlighting. This component may be seen in the 32 bit version of the demo when displaying a memo field in the Match table.
    Dynamic Updating
    Rubicon is not only capable of building and searching indexes, but it can also maintain them as changes are made to the Search table. To see this in the demo, build the indexes, then display the Search table (Ctrl+T) and turn off the Read Only property (Ctrl+R). Before making a change, you may wish to open the Words table (Ctrl+W) so you can see the table updated as the changes are made. Return to the Search table and make one or more changes. You will see the changes reflected in the Words table and when you return to the Search Tab, you will be able to search and find the changes.

    SQL Tables
    The demo will work with SQL tables. However, with large SQL tables, performance at times may be sluggish because Rubicon has to find the first and last records in the table. In a real application, the first and last index value are likely to be know (e.g. the first index value is 1000 and the last index value can be retrieved from a generator), and may be set in Rubicon events. Rubicon also includes drivers that perform all table access via TQuery components.

    Download HERE

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