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Pusoy (Pinoy Poker)

Discussion in 'Delphi Programming' started by N0body, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff


    This is a card game program written in C# .NET 2010. The game, called Pusoy, is a Philippine local version of the popular casino card game Poker. The mechanics of the game can be found here How to Play Pusoy (Piat-Piat, Pepito) - Bicycle® Playing Cards. Several features and functionalities of the program are not yet implemented though. The following are the intended features of the game:

    1. The user can use the game in three (3) user modes:
    1.a. Banker
    1.b. Dealer
    1.c. Spectator
    2. The game can be played in three (3) different play modes:
    2.a. Multi-player (The user can play within a Local Area Network (LAN))
    2.b Single Player (The user can play with the computer)
    2.c Practice (The user can play all the card sets by himself.)
    3. The game can be played in two (2) deal modes:
    3.a. Banker-to-Dealers
    3.a.1. Rotating Banker
    3.a.2. Permanent Banker
    3.b. Free-for-All
    4. Game options:
    4.a. Timer (On/Off) -- time limit is customizable.
    4.b. Sound FX
    4.c. Background Music
    5. Inclusion of the Royalties ("Spesyal" in Tagalog) is customizable:
    5.a. Six Pairs
    5.b. Three Flowers
    5.c. No Man
    5.d. Straight Flush
    5.e. Four-of-a-Kind

    The game can also be set to declare players with royalty card combinations as winners by default or the cards still have to played though the royalty fee (which is equivalent to the current bet amount) still has to be paid to the player/s holding the royalty combination.

    By the way, I intend to finish the program in the soonest possible time, just can't tell when exactly... If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please don't hesitate to let me know... I'll be most glad to hear them...

  2. adilbertofarramilo

    adilbertofarramilo DF Member

  3. alex111122233344

    alex111122233344 Guest

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