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PL/SQL Developer 2013 v10.0.5.1710

Discussion in 'Delphi Tools' started by N0body, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. N0body

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    PL/SQL Developer 2013 v10.0.5.1710 | 22 MB

    PL / SQL Developer - a powerful program, which is an integrated development environment for creating, testing , debugging and optimizing stored procedural modules (stored program units) in the language of Oracle PL / SQL, such as packages (packages), triggers , etc. For a long time observed the transfer of greater and greater part of the business logic on the server side platform Oracle Server, so the programming language PL / SQL has become an important part of the overall application development process. Wednesday PL / SQL Developer focuses on the principles of ease of operation , improve code quality and productivity of the programmer , which is a key advantage in developing applications for the platform Oracle.

    The user package PL / SQL Developer is a context- sensitive help system . Realized convenient access to descriptions of database objects , syntax highlighting , build, and edit queries , graphical web browser and many other tools that make life easier as a developer.


    Multi-functional PL / SQL Editor
    Due to the presence of syntax highlighting , SQL and PL / SQL help, Object Descriptions , Code Assistant, Compiler Hints , PL / SQL Beautifier, Code Contents , search button, navigation hyperlinks, Macro Library and many other features , the editor will satisfy even the most demanding user . The required information is automatically granted to you, or you can get it on the first click of the mouse.

    Integrated Debugger
    The built-in debugger has all of the features that you could only dream of: Entrance , Passage , Exit, to the exclusion of execution , breakpoints , view and set of variables. , Viewing stekovyh zones and so on. You can debug any program element , without modifying it, including triggers and objects Oracle8.

    Query Builder
    Graphical Query Builder simplifies the creation of new installations select or change existing ones. Just drag and drop tables and views , select columns for the field list , where there are conditions and demands on them , merge table based on clarifying the definitions of third-party and you're done .

    PL / SQL Beautifier
    PL / SQL Beautifier allows you to format your SQL and PL / SQL code through a user-defined set of rules. Your code can be automatically improved, when you compile , save or open the file. This feature will improve your productivity and improve the readability of your PL / SQL code if you are working in a big team.

    SQL Window
    SQL Window allows you to open any position and the SQL view and edit the results in tables that support module Request a pattern to search for specific entries in the obtained result . You can easily load a previously neglected provisions of the SQL buffer. SQL editor has the same number of features as the PL / SQL Editor .

    command Window
    To develop and run SQL scripts , you can use the Command Window PL / SQL Developer. This window is the same interface as in SQL * Plus, but it additionally integrated script editor with corresponding syntax highlighting . Now you can create scripts , missing the cycle "edit script / save it / switch to SQL * Plus / run script", and without leaving the comfortable PL / SQL Developer IDE. reports
    To account for your application or dictionary Oracle, you can use the built- in PL / SQL Developer reporting feature . Here you will find a number of standard reports, and be able to create your own. These reports you have created , you can save the report to a file , and then include it in the reports menu . Therefore, it is often necessary to easily run reports for you . You can use the Query Reporter, open-source tool to run your reports without PL / SQL Developer, using the command line .

    To organize your work you can use the built- in PL / SQL Developer projects .. The project consists of a set of source files , database objects , notes, and options. This allows you to work within a limited set of elements, instead of a complete database or schema . It is easier to find items that you need a project or move a project from one location or database to another.

    object Browser
    Here you will find all the necessary information to develop PL / SQL. Use it to get object descriptions , see the definition of objects , create test scripts for the debugger , enable and disable triggers and constraints , to recompile invalid objects , queries, and change tables and views , search for text in the original object, delete and insert the names of the objects in the editor, and so more . Object Browser also displays the relationships between objects and allows you to distribute these objects ( for example, watching batch of links , view links, and tables , etc.)

    optimization of the
    To optimize the performance of your SQL and PL / SQL code, you can use the PL / SQL Profiler to view the start time of each line to be executed PL / SQL code (Oracle8i and later). Moreover, you can get statistics about running positions SQL and PL / SQL programs. These statistics can include a CPU load , bHIDE-THANKSing I / O, write I / O, scan table , sorting , and so on.

    HTML User Manual
    Oracle currently provides manual on-line in HTML format . You can integrate them into the surrounding PL / SQL, to provide context- sensitive help during editing , compilation errors and errors in the operating cycle .

    PL / SQL Objects
    You can view, create and edit tables, sequences , synonyms , libraries , directories , users and roles without using SQL. Just enter the necessary information in an easy -to-use form , and PL / SQL Developer will choose the necessary SQL to create or modify an object.

    list of Templates
    Template List PL / SQL Developermozhet save you time and help with standardization . When you want to insert into the editor standard SQL or PL / SQL code , or create a new program file , just click on the appropriate template .

    Comparison of custom objects
    After making changes to table definitions , views, program elements , and so on , you may benefit transfer these changes to another database user , or to find differences. This may be another development environment , test environment or the working environment . The comparison function custom objects will help you to compare several sites to visualize the differences and run or save the SQL script that will apply the changes.

    Export User Objects
    To export regulations DDL (Data Definition Language) or selected user objects , you can use the tool to export user objects. It will help you easily recreate the objects for another user silt save the file (s ) as a backup.

    PL / SQL Developer includes several tools to facilitate the daily work of the developer. You can recompile all invalid objects , search for text in rezursah databases , import and export tables to watch the events and dbms_alert dbms_pipe, view session information , and so on.

    Additional modules
    The functionality of PL / SQL Developer can be expanded with add. modules. We provide additional modules (Plug-Ins) on the page Add-ons, where you can download them for free. Additional modules may be provided Allround Automations ( as Version Control Plug-In or PL / Formatter Plug-In) , or others. If you can use a programming language in which it is possible to create a DLL, you can even write your own plug-ins .

    multithreaded IDE
    PL / SQL Developer - multi-threaded IDE. This means that you can continue to work when running SQL statements , PL / SQL program , the debugging session , etc. This also means that the IDE does not " hang " if you make a mistake in programming : you can interrupt the execution or save your work at any time.

    Easy to install
    Do not need any middleware , except SQL * Net. No installation of the database object . Easy setup and you're ready to go.

    Key features:
    Powerful PL / SQL editor , syntax highlighting, help for SQL PL / SQL, object descriptions , Code Assistant, a library of macros and many other important functions;
    library of templates comes with several predefined templates for all standard modules ;
    - integrated debugger ( requires Oracle 7.3.4 or higher);
    SQL - box allows you to enter any SQL statement and consider or to check the results in the form of a table ;
    -object browser;
    - optimization of performance;
    Documentation in the format of HTML;
    - tasking environment .

    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7/Win 8.
    Language : English + Russian

    Download Here
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