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IBObjects v5.2.0b06 Raw Source

Discussion in 'Delphi Components' started by N0body, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff


    I added support for Delphi/C++Builder XE4.

    I have also resolved all known issues with the Lazarus port (for non-visual components).

    I made several improvements and additions to the regression testing application:
        procedure Test_CursorGenInsEditDel;
        procedure Test_IBOQueryNumericFields;
        procedure Test_LocateWithSubselect;
        procedure Test_LocateEdgeFluke; (issue not fixed yet)
        procedure Test_MasterSourceRecordCountSync;
        procedure Test_IBOTable_LocateOnLookupField;
        procedure Test_AppendRecordCursorPosition;
        procedure Test_TransactionEfficiency;

    I made some very substantial improvements and performance optimizations to the TIB_StringList class.

    I reworked the handling of DefaultTransaction behavior to be more consistent and to more fully respect the AllowDefaultTransaction setting.

    I fixed a few issues in the IBOExtract component so that it works with InterBase and Firebird properly and each of their special features.

    I fixed an issue of handling Unicode characters properly in the IBOServices component.

    I added a new property SQLCustomKeySelect to increase the level of flexibility you can get with the SQL being sent to the server. IBO would normally take your query and derive a SELECT statement to fetch just a single record for you. But, in some cases it is not possible to derive such a query so I am allowing the programmer to plug in one that should be suitable. This will allow you to use, for example, stored procedures to provide a fully scrollable dataset that individual records can be efficiently fetched from that dataset.

    I added a global function variable to allow you to cusomize how a default session instance is made.

    I fixed a bug where in some cases the Delphi variable Screen was nil and I was not safeguarding against that.

    I improved identifier name comparison to handle more complex situations properly.

    I made it so that a number larger than 255 can be used in the IBO_BUFFERS setting when making a database connection.

    I fixed an issue having to do with a Status: TIB_TransactionStatus property being incorrect under certain circumstances.

    I fixed a counter rollover issue in an area where I am relying upon GetTickCount.

    I improved the detection of an aggregate query. I now investigate inside of a CAST() operator.

    I changed the behavior of how a TIB_Cursor.Insert is posted. Before it would clear out the buffer since the record was considered posted. However, because there is the capability of values being returned via the posting process I determined that these values should remain in the buffer, including any new values that came back from the post.

    I made it so that a physical transaction is not started when an individual record is being pulled out of the in-memory buffers. It was an inefficient oversight on my part that this was even happening at all.

    I improved the handling of floating point values inside the Assign() method.

    I made it so that you can do a Locate() operation against a TLookupField in the TDataset realm.

    I improved TIBODataset to handle when a MasterSource.Dataset is assigned or not in relation to how the SQL that is sent to the server is concerned. If a master dataset reference is cleared or newly assigned then the query should have its SQL invalidated so that it will refresh the query properly.

  2. gamma

    gamma DF Junior

    Tanks !!!
  3. Skander

    Skander Guest


    Anyone can't bring a XE7 compatible? :huh:
    I'm afraid only last version work... :cool:
  4. IDSafin

    IDSafin Guest


    [font=Arial, sans-serif]I've been wanting to try[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]these components[/font]

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