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Firemonkey NEVER worked for me, and problably to you!

Discussion in 'Delphi Help&Requests' started by gald3, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. gald3

    gald3 DF Member

    XE2,3,4,5,6 and now 7.

    XE7 Android apps can't run on BlueStacks. Vitual Androido on ADV Manager was always a bullshit with PANIC error. Dosen't matter how new computers, fresh instalations you do, Java and google are soo bad as a linux guy with hardware trouble on foruns for fat guys.

    Delphi only will recognize your device if it was the last Sansung "inovation".

    Your costumers will need the last Sansung inovation overpriced too.

    Want to make a free APP with AD? lol. Delphi aplications runs only on 14% of Android devices.

    If you want to make a popular app, choose another plataform.

    I'm done with Firemonkey.
  2. breakenter

    breakenter Guest

    Appmethod supports the development of applications for Android devices running on an ARMv7 processor with NEON support.

    See this 
  3. breakenter

    breakenter Guest

    More and more Android Tablets and Smartphones come with an intel processor. For testing purposes i used the Motorola Razr i XT890 Android Smartphone. And the result:
    "Application does not support this device"
    So here is my question:
    Does FireMonkey not support Intel processors?

    the response:

    Currently only ARM processors are supposed. According to the Roadmap http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/43677 , the Intel support is planned for beyond 2014.
  4. gald3

    gald3 DF Member

    I have Win8.1 updated, and a Core I7 machine.

    I tested today in a Galaxy Tab 3 and Moto G w/ kit kat and Delphi didn't recognize it (i mean the refresh yellow folder on target plataforms, but my windows devices can find it).

    I have an old tablet with Android 4.0 ice cream, but also, i can't deploy. O XE5 i remember to install some APKs in this tablet, but from SD card, because, again, Delphi can't search it. This time, the APK is not compatible. Theres a message about 'missing certificate' when i try to install.

    I'll try to update his system today.

    But i have to say one more thing: Edit a new SDK by Delphi is some of the worthiest thing in this world. Leave this job to your enemy.

    I do have a question:
    This  devices need to be supported only by developers or even to customers?

    I challenge you to show me some store (ebay, best buy, chinese sites...) that sell an Android with all these specifications on docwiki lists. I tried on samsung and they don't say anything. So we need to buy to discover?
    You just can't deply to your phone on delphi or even on google play delphi app can't run?

    Also, no one trust in Embarcadero's roadmaps. If they say 2014, we can expect it for 2017.
    The list begin with 'Linux support' and finish with 'Android for the Intel platform'.
    We are expecting Linux for years. Android was annuncied but they came only with IOS. We had to wait 1, 2 or 3 years for Android.

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