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FireDAC v8.0.5.3365 (Update 2) Retail Full Sources

Discussion in 'Delphi Components' started by N0body, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff


    Data Access Engine

    FireDAC datasets are built on top of a powerful data access engine. This lightweight, effective and flexible engine can be used directly in applications and serves as a powerful foundation to the datasets API. The engine consists of the dataset components and the non-component layers, represented by the flexible object oriented APIs.
    Easy to use TDataSet descendant classes including TADQuery, TADMemTable, TADStoredProc, and TADTable
    Dataset classes that are highly compatible with original BDE datasets and ClientDataSet
    One of the fastest in-memory datasets, with sorting, filtering, aggregates, filtered and expression indexes, persistence and more
    Local SQL engine for executing SQL queries against datasets

    High-Performance Data Access

    Database access is optimized using many different techniques often found only in database-specific components, which let you get faster data access out of the box.
    Live Data Window mode enabling fast bi-directional navigation through large datasets
    Array Data Manipulation Language (DML) command execution and Command Batches for batch applications and for minimizing network traffic
    Customizable and flexible "row set" fetching
    Direct support for asynchronous command execution, command execution timeout, and command execution canceling
    Automatic, efficient and sophisticated update command generation and execution
    Cached updates mode with ability to track correlated changes for several datasets with cascading updates
    Full support for auto-incrementing fields, including those based on generators and table triggers

    Unified API

    FireDAC provides a range of features that help abstract the differences between database systems, making it easy to write code that does not have to be concerned about different DBMS dialects or other subtle differences between DBMSs.
    SQL dialect abstraction through FireDAC escape sequences, conditional statements and macros
    Data type unification with flexible and adjustable data type mapping
    Unified error reporting, including DBMS-independent and DBMS-specific error information
    Unified transaction support, with separate read and update transactions, and access to the full power of the specific transactions support of InterBase and Firebird
    Support for multiple Unicode and ANSI encodings
    Automatic connection recovery, automatically re-establishing the connection in case of an unstable environment
    Disconnected connection mode, allowing application to continue to work without a physical connection to a database
    Database events and notifications support
    Unified SQL scripts support
    Extended metadata retrieval capabilities

    Native Driver Support

    In addition to universal DBMS connectivity, FireDAC also support native database drivers that give you first-class access to the powerful and advanced features that make each database unique.
    Access to specific APIs and features for several databases:
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Oracle Database
    Sybase SQL Anywhere
    Microsoft Access
    IBM DB2 Server
    Advantage Database
    Support for services like backup, restore, security management, and more
    New in XE4! – Database access on iOS for these databases:
    InterBase – InterBase ToGo and IBLite

  2. Flashman

    Flashman DF Member

    Thank you man

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