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Elite Suite for IntraWeb / VCL for the Web

Discussion in 'Delphi Components' started by N0body, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff

    The Elite Suite is our suite for Intraweb and VCL for the Web that includes components from our legacy component packs packaged into one single and simple install.

    The suite includes the following components:

    Visual Components
    Dialogs - including MessageBox, Login, Progress, Search Relace, Print, Confirmation, Session Timeout
    Popup Region - Using this component, it is possible to show a customized dialog to the end user that is somewhat "modal". The dialog shows above other components on your form and can be customized as you wish for notifications or for accepting user input.
    Enhanced Edits - Adds a label and other style settings to the built-in Intraweb visual components.
    Miscellaneous Visual Controls - Check/Radio Listbox, Draggable Tool Window, ImageURLs
    File Upload - Provides file upload capability for page mode forms
    Region Grid - Region that duplicates it's content for each row in a dataset.
    File Grid - A grid that implements a file listing for server-side files. It supports uploads, downloads, folder management and folder security.
    String Grid - A very flexible grid component that can be used as a simple string grid or, while combined with one of our content providers, can be easily transformed into a powerful and editable data aware grid.
    PayPal - buttons to integrate paypal payments and shopping carts with your application.
    Non-Visual Components
    Grid Content Providers - Components that turn the String Grid into a data aware grid, a treeview, ini file editor or a calendar.
    Interop - Components that allow Intraweb's App Mode and Page Mode to interoperate (Mixed Mode) and to allow one Intraweb Application to communicate with another (AppDriver Mode). This adds a HUGE amount of potential power to your Intraweb application.

    MixedMode interop adds a WebModule to your ServerController allowing your app to respond with custom HTML/XML/SOAP and PageMode forms. Session Helpers allow you to (almost) transparently pass session information between AppMode and the web module. This allows you to post data from an external source such as a PDF file back to your application. Also, you can use IW page mode to create interactive popup windows for list selection or data entry and integrate that data back to the user session. AppDriver interop can use one IntraWeb Application (App or Page Mode) to "drive" any number of IntraWeb applications. One application can now execute any function that exists in a separate IntraWeb application. This can be useful for navigating through forms, executing processes or simply showing application or user information. All this happens inside of the current user session. No additional sessions are created so that no unnecessary overhead is needed.
    Translation - Components to help the internationalization of your Intraweb applications. Language can be manually changed at runtime, or automatically set based on the user's browser settings.
    PageController - A component wrapping some common javascript tricks such as limiting right clicks and to ensure that your application is the top level window.
    ServerManager - The Elite Suite includes the professional level activation of ServerManager
    StyleManager - Provides a simple way to group visual components in "styles" which can be loaded at runtime via an INI file. Provides a great way of skinning your applications
    Template Processor - A vastly enhanced template processor that provides altering control properties from within the template and creating new intraweb components from within the template.
    Server Side Timer - This implements a threaded timer that runs server-side. It's a great and easy way to launch time consuming processes.

    Download [glow=red,2,300]demo[/glow]
    Download [glow=red,2,300]source[/glow]
  2. Jhay R Pascua

    Jhay R Pascua DF Member

    it works in XE5?
  3. dmdpw

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    wilson Guest


    gracias amigo
  5. debug

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