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Compress your EXE

Discussion in 'Delphi Tools' started by aikona, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. aikona

    aikona DF Member

    Using XE1 I find that the executables are very big so I use a little tool that compresses the file AND still lets you run it .Makes a two mb file and reduces it to 600 k

    its called UPX.exe ( from upx.sf.net)

    In explorer all you have to do is 'drag and drop' you exe onto the upx.exe


    Download Here
  2. wozengcong

    wozengcong Guest

  3. baraozemo

    baraozemo DF Member

    [font=ARIAL,Helvetica]MPRESS[/font]   free!!!
    [font=ARIAL,Helvetica]Version: 2.19[/font]
    [font=ARIAL,Helvetica] MPRESS is a free, high-performance executable packer for PE32/PE32+/.NET/MAC-DARWIN executable formats![/font]
    MPRESS makes programs and libraries smaller, and decrease start time when the application loaded from a slow removable media or from the network. It uses in-place decompression technique, which allows to decompress the executable without memory overhead or other drawbacks; it also protects programs against reverse engineering by non-professional hackers. Programs compressed with MPRESS run exactly as before, with no runtime performance penalties.
    MPRESS is absolutely free of charge software.
    MPRESS uses own LZMAT - extremely fast data compression library.
    Version 2.00 of the MATCODE Compressor has been released on 21st March 2009, now MPRESS has an optional LZMA compression.
    in March 2011 Mr. DonDD has created and published his MPRESS GUI, see link below.
    [font=ARIAL,Helvetica]MPRESS Features[/font]
    • Advanced compression of .NET executable files (anyCPU,x86,AMD64,IA64 EXE)
    • Support for MS Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/4.0
    • Does not require .NET Framework to be installed
    • Advanced compression of PE32/PE32+ (AMD64) executable files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.)
    • Optional LZMA compression
    • In-place decompression
    • Static TLS support
    • Support for mac-darwin-i386, mac-darwin-x86_64 and mac-darwin-ub applications
    • Very fast decompression: ~210 MB/sec on an AMD 2500+
    • Strip sensitive information (relocation, debug information, exceptions, etc.)
    • Compression of program code, data, and resources
    • Completely transparent, self-contained operation with UNICODE support
    • Command line interface allows to use MPRESS from a batch or from a make file
    • Full Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows8 compatibility
    [font=ARIAL,Helvetica]Operation Systems: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows7, MAC-OS 10.3/10.4
    Platforms: x86(PE32), x64(PE32+,AMD64), .NET[/font]

    [font=ARIAL,Helvetica]Download MPRESS v2.19:
    Download MPRESS v2.18:

    Download MPRESS v1.27:

    Download MAC-MPRESS v1.21 (for MAC Applications ONLY!):


    Link to download Mpress GUI v0.2 (by DonDD):Mpress GUI v0.2

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