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C and C++ Book Collection

Discussion in 'Book Reviews' started by fitgirl2008, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. fitgirl2008

    fitgirl2008 Guest


    C and C++ Book Collection

    PDF | English | 2.56 GiB


    Aaron R. Bradley: Programming for Engineers. A Foundational Approach to Learning C and Matlab (3642233023) (PDF)
    Adam Drozdek: Data Structures and Algorithms in C++. 2nd (DJVU)
    Adam Drozdek: Data Structures and Algorithms in C++. 2nd (PDF)
    Andrei Alexandrescu: Modern C++ Desing: Generic Programming and Design.epub
    Andrew Koenig: C Traps and Pitfalls. Article (PDF)
    Andrew Koenig: C Traps and Pitfalls (PDF)
    Anthony Williams: C++ Concurency in Action, Practical Multithreading (PDF)
    Anthony Williams: C++ Concurrency in Action.epub
    Anthony Williams: C++ Concurrency in Action (PDF)
    Antony Polukhin: Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook (PDF)
    Axel Simon: Value-Range Analysis of C Programs (PDF)
    Axel-Tobias Schreiner: Object Orientated Programming in ANSI-C (PDF)
    BarCharts Inc.: C++ Guide 2006. ISBN 142320008X (PDF)
    Barnett, Cox, OCull: Embedded C Programming and the Armel AVR (PDF)
    Bartosz Milewski: C++ In Action (PDF)
    Ben Klemens: 21st Century C 2013 (PDF)
    Bjarne Stroustrup: A Tour of C++.epub
    Bjarne Stroustrup: Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ (PDF)
    Bjarne Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language, 3rd Ed (PDF)
    Bjarne Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language. 4th (PDF)
    Bjarne Stroustrup: The Design and Evolution of C++ (DJVU)
    Bjorn Karlsson: Beyond The C++ Standard Library: An Introduction To Boost (2005) (CHM)
    Blanchette, Summerfield: C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (CHM)
    BPB Publications: Test Your C Skills (PDF)
    Brian Gough: An Introduction to GCC (PDF)
    Brian Overland: C++ without fear 2nd.epub
    Brian Overland: C++ without fear 2nd (PDF)
    Bruce Eckel: Thinking in C++ (PDF)
    Bulka, Mayhew: Efficient C++ Performance Programming Techniques (PDF)
    Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes: Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++ (CHM)
    Cay Horstmannn: C++ for Everyone 2nd (PDF)
    Charles R. Harnect: Programming Like a Pro for Teens (1435459245) (PDF)
    Chisholm, Hanley, Jones, Lindner, Work: C Programming: Just the FAQs (PDF)
    Cogswell, Diggins, Stephens, Turkanis: C++ Cookbook. 2005 (CHM)
    C Programming Reference Card (PDF)
    Dan Gookin: Beginning Programming with C For Dummies (PDF)
    Dan Gookin: C for Dummies 2004 (PDF)
    Dan Gookin: C for Dummies 2nd 2004 (CHM)
    David Griffiths, Dawn Griffiths: Head First C (PDF)
    David Haskins: C Programming in Linux (PDF)
    Deitel: C++ How To Programm 8th (PDF)
    Deitel: C++ How to Program (PDF)
    Diane Zak: Introduction to programming with C++ 6th (PDF)
    Donald Alcock: Illustrating C Revised Edition (PDF)
    Douglas C. (CHM)idt, Stephen D. Huston: C++ Network Programming, Volume 1 Mastering Complexity with ACE and Patterns 2002.chm
    D.S. Malik: C++ Programming From Problem Analysis to program Design (PDF)
    D. S. Malik: C++ Programming. Program Design Including Data Structcures (PDF)
    Edward Scheinerman: C++ for Mathematicians (PDF)
    Franc M. Carrano: Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with C++ Frank Carrano 5th edition (PDF)
    Frantisek Franek: Memory an a Programming Concept in C and C++ (CHM)
    Fred Richards: C & C++ Programming Style Guidlines (PDF)
    Gaddis, Walters, Muganda: Starting out with C++ Early objects 7th (PDF)
    Gary Bronson: First Book of C++. 4th (PDF)
    Gary R. Bronson: C++ For Engineers and Scientists 3rd (PDF)
    Godrich, Tamassia, Mount: Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ (PDF)
    Goodrich, Tamassia, Mount: Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ (PDF)
    Gregorie, Solter, Kleper: Professional C++ 2nd WROX (PDF)
    Greg Perry: Absolute Beginner's Guide to C. 2nd.epub
    Guojun Gan: Data Clustering in C++ (PDF)
    Hanly, Koffman: Problem solving and Program Design in C. 5th (PDF)
    Hanly, Koffman: Problem Solving and Program Design in C. 7th (PDF)
    Harley R. Myler: Fundamentals of Engineering Programming with C and Fortran (PDF)
    Hartel, Muller: Functional C (PDF)
    Herbert Schild: C++ from the Ground Up 3rd (PDF)
    Herbert Schildt: The Complete Reference C++. 3rd (PDF)
    Herbert Schildt: The Complete Reference C++. 4th (PDF)
    Herb Schild: C++ Programming Cookbook (PDF)
    Herb Sutter: Exceptional C++ Style 40 New Engineering Puzzles. 2004 (CHM)
    Hubbard, Baxter: Programming with C++. Crash Course (CHM)
    International Standard ansi iso iec 14882 1998 (c++ standard) (PDF)
    International Standard INCITS+ISO+IEC+14882-2003 (PDF)
    International Standard iso iec 9899-1999 c99 language standard (PDF)
    Introduction to C++ for Financial Engineers: An Object-oriented Approach: 0470015381 (PDF)
    ISDR Group: Data Structures Using C. 2006 (PDF)
    Ivor Horton: Beginning C. 5th. apress (PDF)
    Ivor Horton: Beginning C From Novice to Professional. 4th (PDF)
    Ivor Horton: Beginning Visual C++ 2008 (PDF)
    Jeff Kent: C++ Demystified. A Self Teaching Guide 2004 (CHM)
    Jerry Jongerius: Writing Bug-Free C Code. 1995 (CHM)
    Jerry Jongerius: Writing Bug-Free C Code.zip
    Jesse Liberty, Roger Cadenhead: Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours 2011 (PDF)
    Jesse Liberty, Siddhartha Rao, Bradley Jones: Teach Youserf C++ in One Hour a Day (PDF)
    Jim Ledin: Embedded Control Systems in C and C++: An Introduction for Software Developers Using MATLAB 2004 (PDF)
    John Paul Mueller, Jeff Cogswell: C++ All-In-One for Dummies (PDF)
    John R. Hubbard: Programming with C++, 2nd Ed (2000) (PDF)
    John R. Hubbard: Schaum's Outline of Fundamentals of Computing with C++ (PDF)
    John Smiley: Learn to Program with C++ 2003 (PDF)
    Jose M. Garrido: Introduction to Computational Modeling Using C and Open-Source Tools (PDF)
    Joyce Farrell: Object Oriented programming Using C++ (PDF)
    Kai Qian, David den Haring, Li Cao: Embedded Software Development with C (PDF)
    Kenneth Leroy Busbee: Programming Fundamentals A Modular Structured Approach using C++ (PDF)
    Kenneth Reek: Pointers on C (PDF)
    Kernighan, Pike. Addison Wesley: The Practice of Programming (DJVU)
    Kernighan, Ritchie: The C Answer Book (PDF)
    Kernighan, Ritchie: The C Programming Language. 2nd (PDF)
    Kirch-Prinz, Prinz: A Complete Guide to Programming in C++ (PDF)
    K. N. King: C Programming A Modern Approach 2nd Ed (PDF)
    Koenig, Moo: Accelerated C++. Practical Programming by Example (PDF)
    Kruse, Ryba: Data structures and Program Design in C++ 2000 (PDF)
    Kyle Loudon: C++ Pocket Reference 2003 (PDF)
    Lippman, Lajoie, Moo: C++ Primer. 5th.epub
    Lippman, Lajoie, Moo: C++ Primer, Fourth Edition (CHM)
    Lucio Di Jasio: Programming 16-bit Mucrocontrollers in C (PDF)
    Mark Summerfield: Advanced Qt Programming: createing great software with C++ and Qt4 (PDF)
    Martin Reddy: API design for Cplusplus (PDF)
    Mather Telles: C++ Timesaving Techniques for Dummies. 2005 (PDF)
    Matt Meiser, John Viega: Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C+
    ..............and much more



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