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AllLib - library with sources for Delphi 3-7

Discussion in 'Delphi Components' started by N0body, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff

    Contans functions and classes to extend standard Delphi libraries functionality:

    convert String or Variant to Boolean, Integer, Extended, Currency or TDateTime types, understanding a lot of formats (like '1 443,45', '12=34', '1111011b', '30-JAN-2004', '30/01/04 11:12:55.945', 'Wed Mar 13 19:15:06 UTC+0300 2002') and many other routines grouped by types;
    string encoding and decoding for C++/JScript, Pascal, Base64, HTML, URLEncode/URLDecode, KOI, ISO and some other formats, XOR coding, DFM decoding, check string by mask (with '*' and '?'), datetime rounding, simple parsing; working with memory bHIDE-THANKSs etc.;
    indexing lists and tables in memory (of Pointer, String of Variant types) with quick search, building index at first search try (but not changing elements order like TStringList does), table export and import; also string list and hierarchy without SysUtils; stream read and write caching, including next line reading or prereading;
    list, copy and delete files with subdirectories, by mask, with progress support; working with Ini in memory or stream; DLL version, working with links, map-files, writing to log (console or temp-file), can be turned on for a lot of used API call (exceptions, object leaks, tasks list, WinInet, SQL, CryptoAPI etc.); compress and decompress data using Delphi ZLib (which does not use external DLLs), decompress CAB files;
    export, import and deleting registry key with all parameters and subkeys, correct work in case of limiter rights and other registry routines;
    threadvar analogue with initialization and finalization mechanism (not increasing exe size if no calls to variable from application), works correctly from Delphi 3; thread-safe supporting of code (globally creating objects uses this threadvar), can be off by directive;
    support Russian and English constants; routins for exceptions (with error code, procedure name etc.);
    dialogs without VCL, SysUtils and resources (base dialog class, input, view, memo, password, file etc.); tray; windows list or hierarchy etc.; also some useful functions for VCL like quick TListView, TTreeView update etc.;
    working with database using ADO without VCL, recordset, read SQL results to indexed table in memory and write (synchronize) memory table changes to database, retrieve database sructure;
    client and server sockets without VCL and SysUtils, work with HTTP using WinInet, similar reading DHTML and ASP page parameters;
    using IActiveScript to execute JScript and VBScript code; simple IDispatch suport using Delphi messages;
    process list for all Windows versions, run and wait, task data exchang (using Windows messages and direct memory write), run and stop services, Component Services COM+ applications;
    read CPU, BIOS and HDD parameters directly from hardware (14 methods, Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003);
    simple load graphics using GDI+; other useful functions, financial etc.;
    headers and cryptographic additions available - private and public key generation, requesting certificates, issuing and installing, asymmetric data (string, file or stream) encrypting and decrypting, signing and sign verifying using CryptoAPI RSA, RSA 128 bits and Crypto-Pro GOST 28147-89, GOST R 34.11/34.10-94/2001, with ability of key caching; asymmetric data (string or file) encrypting and decrypting, signing and sign verifying using trial-version of Signal-COM Message-PRO RSA or SKZI GOST 28147-89, GOST R 34.11/34.10-94/2001, with ability of key caching
    Utils - all general tools: graphics view, binary editor, SQL with BLOB, sysinfo, sockets, crypting and signing using CryptoAPI RSA/Crypto-Pro/Signal-COM (including command line support, free sources included in AllLib library for Delphi 3-7). Functions (detailed):

    different graphics view with ability of rotation, changing brightness and scale; music playing; notepad with crypting, menu, encoding change;
    binary file editor, converting to or from Hex, Base64, C++ strings format, URL, replace spaces chain to Tab, split file to parts;
    run SQL-request to databases using ADO, including BLOB-fields editing; export database structure and tables content to SQL-commands;
    list of running tasks with pathes, ability to terminate process;
    list of windows, including hierarchy of parent windows, grouping by tasks, send message to window;
    system information: CPU, BIOS, HDD parameters read from hardware directly; memory; ADO, Script Control versions; IP, user SID; GUID;
    autorun programs list with company, version and date - from registry, startup menu, services, autoexec.bat, win.ini etc.; modify and delete them;
    send and receive data from server or client sockets, including binary data; WhoIs, send email;
    generate private and public keys, request certificate, issue and install certificate - for CryptoAPI RSA (RSA40, RSA128) and Crypto-Pro GOST (GOST94, GOST2001) algorithms; ability of separate generation and recryption symmetric key; system information of CryptoAPI cryptoproviders;
    encrypt and decrypt, sign and verify for CryptoAPI RSA and Crypto-Pro GOST algoritms by key files or numbers of certificates in store and for Signal-COM Message-PRO (using mespro.dll: RSA, GOST, GOST PSE; only trial version supported in sources), relink private key from one CryptoAPI certificate to another.

    Download HERE
  2. Muninn

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  3. dynamo

    dynamo DF Expert



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