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Old Version AAdvanced Application Controls VCL - Ported to D10.2

Discussion in 'Delphi Components' started by N0body, Mar 14, 2019 at 11:37 AM.

  1. N0body

    N0bodyN0body is a Verified Member DelphiFan Administrator Staff Member DF Staff

    Advanced Application Controls
    The Advanced Application Controls (AppControls) is the set of over 92 top quality multipurpose components for all Win32 versions of Delphi and C++ Builder. The package contains everything you need to add neat and, more important, truly professional appearance for your software, making development of great interfaces and internal utilities trully rapid. All components are highly integrated each other and extremely easy to use.

    All components is completely automated, so using AppControls, in most cases you will do not need to write ANY line of additional code and don't waste your time to make cosmetic features and great software interfaces!
    The AppControls contains components to make the forms to behave like Applicaiton Desktop Toolbars (like taskbar or MS-Office panel) or "magnetic" forms of WinAmp player. Components to add the context-sensitive help without any help-files, additional custom buttons on the form title bar and associatiated menu items in the system menu; show smooth matrix- or win2k-based animation effects; balloon-style hints; additional color cursors for any VCL or non VCL-based object of the forms.
    Your applications will be able to auto-run itself on Windows startup with restoring previous forms placements. Upload and hold any files inside of the Delphi/BCB forms. Create shortcuts to the files and read the information from existing shortcuts. Install new file types and associations into the Windows shell. Download files from the Web via HTTP or post data to the CGI programs. Auto-upgrade itself from the Web at once a newer release of your application will available. Hook the form messages and hidden application events, sniff the URLs and events from each running instance of Internet Explorer, get the list of all running processes and active TCP/UDP connections, hook ALL key presses, mouse clicks and mouse movements within entire application… and a whole bunch of others great features!

    Visible Controls
    Till version 2.0 the AppControls has only ~25 invisible utilities for improving the application look at functionality. However we decided to include additional set of improved visible controls and system utilities. Now it contains:
    advanced labels with number of neat visual effects;
    RichLabel with HTML formatting;
    standard controls with multi-line captions;
    edit boxes which able to have custom button at the right edge of control (acEdit, acNumberEdit and acIPEdit);
    several MS-Outlook style panels (HeaderPanel, SplitterPanel and PicturePanel);
    combobox with MRU history list;
    advanced TreeView and ListView which automatically recognize the data format and sort the columns, and shows arrow-style sorting mark in the header;
    TreeComboBox component which displays the treeview inside the drop-down box and supports AutoComplete feature;
    StatusControl component which can insert ANY visible control to the section of the status bar;
    easy to use TCP/IP client and server components which lets you easily implement your own Internet protocol;
    Internet Explorer-based HTMLViewer component, which allows to specify the HTML content without navigation through the Web;
    RSS feed processors;

    Hidden Content:
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  2. petchart

    petchart DF Member

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