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  2. Donation Ways 2020


    Skrill: [email protected]


    LTC : MQ3W64gVgUKrsrc417dN7m9TiYcJS3sqdv


    Etherum : 0xb84aeb71ecc4cf4d6acf4c952ae0c2ced8538149


    Western Union

    For details please send PM or email to [email protected]

    Paypal is inactive for now

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Paypal address for donation [email protected] or [email protected]
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For donations ways please see post here: https://www.delphifan.com/forum/threads/donation-ways-skrill-paypal-coins-or-papara.22874/
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For open hidden message no need write thanks, thank etc. Enough is click to like button on right side of thread.

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