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Donation with Paypal!!!

Go to your paypal account and send directly donation to [email protected]

1 month - 10 $ - Standart VIP

6 months - 20 $- Standart VIP

1 year - 30 $- Standart VIP

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High Vip (Standart VIP include) group please send PM or email to [email protected] for info

After Donation please send email to [email protected]

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InfoPower D10 Full Complete

Discussion in 'Delphi Components,Freeware, Open Source' started by jimsweb, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. jimsweb

    jimsweb DF Junior


    InfoPower VCL is the most popular and useful component suite for building database front-ends for Windows applications in Delphi and C++ Builder. If you are interested in building OSX or mobile applications, then see our InfoPower for FireMonkey suite of components (InfoPower Enterprise (includes both VCL and FireMonkey components) or FirePower 5.0). Our award-winning InfoPower for Delphi VCL library is the most popular suite of components for building front ends for database applications.

    InfoPower includes a host of sophisticated and flexible components including the following:
    InfoPower’s masterpiece grid is one of the most powerful components in the InfoPower library, greatly expanding upon the capabilities of Delphi’s native grid component. Its capabilities are too numerous to mention here download the specification document for more information.

    InfoPower adds TitleMenu to each grid column, that allows the end-user to sort, group, filter the grid, and add/remove columns to/from the grid. Sorting is automatic when using client-side datasets such as TClientDataSet, but the grid also has supporting events to allow you to sort on other dataset types. Filtering supports text, numeric and date filters. Date filters also display and execute relative filters such as "Last Month", "Last Year", etc. InfoPower extends the filtering capabilities to include null support as well as auto-defaulting the filter value to assist the end-user.

    • Add and Remove columns on the fly
    The end-user can now select columns to remove or add from the TitleMenu. You can customize how the columns are displayed to the end-user, and even group related columns hierarchically. Notice how the dialog is displayed below where the multiple columns are grouped under the node Address.

    True Master / Detail Relationships displayed from a single grid
    InfoPower brings you a new paradigm to display and edit your master/detail relationships. Detail tables can be initially hidden, and then expanded into full view when the end-user expands a expand/collapse button in the parent grid. Each child-grid is fully customizable as in the parent grid, and the control preserves the liveness of each expanded detail grid. 

    Custom control integration and flexibility
    InfoPower Essentials allows you to embed a rich variety of controls in the grid, including combos, lookupcombos, datetimepickers, and spinedits. The grid also allows each custom control to do their own painting in the grid so that even graphics, etc. will be displayed for every row in the grid without any code on your part. 

    The InfoPower Professional version allows the data inspector to be embedded in the grid, giving a multi-row record display. In addition, the CheckBox, RadioGroup, RichEdit, ExpandCollapse buttons, and ImageCombo controls can also be embedded, which significantly improves the versatility of the grid.
    You can even embed non-InfoPower controls, such as the TDBImage, or Woll2Woll 1stClass Studio controls such as the 1stClass treecombo, and 1stClass buttons (giving your grid a clickable component for each record). In addition the button colors can be dynamically computed allowing the color to be different based on the record information.

    • Grid header enhancements
    The titles in the grid can be displayed and managed hierarchically. This allows you to group related fields together. Also for header dragging operations, the grid more clearing indicates the new placement of the column.

    •    Complete control over how the titles are displayed:
    Set the alignment of column headings to left, center or right justified. You can even separately control each column's heading attributes (font color, background color, alignment), as well as display multi-line headings, and icons from ImageLists.

    Expand/Collapse buttons for composite calculated fields
    Use expand/collapse buttons to allow the user to edit a composite field. You can display a calculated field such as full name (composed of first name + last name)., and then the user can expand the composite calculated field to edit the individual 

    Allow grouping of related data in grid
    In some cases you may have data that you wish to display as a group in the grid. InfoPower allows you to display this information as a group by only displaying the text for the first instance, as well as removing the lines in between. See the Company field below.

    •    Ditto Capability
    Allow the user to conveniently copy the previous record's value into the cell.
    •    Support for exporting from the grid to various formats
    InfoPower supports exporting to various formats to aid your end-users in extracting their displayed data to be used with other applications. In addition you can copy the selected records to the clipboard. See the following for an example of the generated html. InfoPower 2010 adds the ability to export to xml http://www.woll2woll.com/infopower/exportexample.html
    •    Supports powerful and expressive edit masking for data validation
    Use either the picture mask language or regular expressions to edit and validate your users's input. For more information on these mask languages see section 3 below.

    •    Persist user's grid settings
    Saving and loading of the user's runtime settings of the column positions and widths from the registry or an inifile.
    •    Define fixed, non-scrollable columns, and edit and resize them
    Just set the FixedCols property to indicate the number of nonscrollable columns to display in the left-hand side of the grid. Also allows editable and resizable fixed columns
    •    Dynamically determine the background colors and font colors of cells
    The colors of the text and background displayed within individual cells can be dynamically determined based on the values of related field values.
    •    Flicker-free display
    The grid improves both its painting performance and visual effect with its new flicker-free display.
    Background texture tiling

    InfoPower allows your applications to further impress by adding support for background texture tiling. The component takes care of blending your tile with the color of the grid region, giving you a truly impressive and professional display.
    •    Clickable URL link support
    Define columns as URL links (i.e. Email addresses). The grid will automatically handle its display and the opening of the link.
    •    Native Alternating color
    New property to automatically alternate the colors of the rows in the grid. This provides a pleasing look to the end- user and helps differentiate one record from another.
    •    Proportional column sizing
    The grid can now automatically size all the columns to fit perfectly in the grid's client area. If the grid is resized, all the columns still fit perfectly. Any trailing column space after the last column is removed.
    •    End-user row sizing
    User's can enlarge the sizes of the rows by dragging the horizontal line in the indicator column
    •    Line color customizations
    You can now override the default line colors
    •    Clickable Column headers
    Title Buttons in the Column headers allow you to easily change the index or sort order of your dataset. You can also embed a custom button into the header of the indicator column
    •    ImageList support
    Display bitmaps from imagelists in both the column headers and the data cells.
    •    Scaleable row heights
    Scale cells to double or triple the height and word-wrap text in resulting cells.
    •    Auto-sizing of column
    Dbl-clicking the sizing line for a grid can automatically grow or shrink the column's width, based on the widest displayed text in the column
    •    Calculated fields can be edited in the grid
    As a result you will be able to edit calculated linked fields or lookup fields in a grid with only a few lines of code.
    •    Auto-sizing of column
    Dbl-clicking the sizing line for a grid can automatically grow or shrink the column's width, based on the widest displayed text in the column
    •    Display memo fields within the grid
    View and edit memos, and display a customizable pop-up memo editing window where your end-users can view and/or edit the contents of a memo field, depending on how you set the properties.
    •    Built-in support for selecting multiple records
    Select contiguous records using shift-select, and auto-unselect the selected records when you just click on a record.
    •    Smart key mapping
    Carriage returns can automatically be converted to a tab for easy navigation

    Read more: http://www.delphidotnet.com/delphi/981-infopower-vcl-for-rad-studio-xe8-1501-retail.html#ixzz3qUNvMFod
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    lmir DF Junior

    Very very good component !!! Thanks you man ....
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    Thanks my friend
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    superborg DF Member

    Excellent! I was looking for. thanks
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