• The performance of TVirtualQuery is significantly improved
  • Application-defined functions in TVirtualQuery are supported
  • Application-defined collations in TVirtualQuery are supported
  • AutoInc fields in TVirtualTable are supported

Cloud data providers

  • BigCommerce provider is added
  • Dynamics CRM provider is added
  • FreshBooks provider is added
  • Magento provider is added
  • MailChimp provider is added
  • NetSuite provider is added
  • QuickBooks provider is added
  • Salesforce provider is added
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud provider is added
  • SugarCRM provider is added
  • Zoho CRM provider is added

Oracle data provider

  • Oracle 12c connection modes (SYSBACKUP, SYSDG, SYSKM) in the Direct mode are supported
  • OS authentication in the Direct mode is supported
  • NChar literal replacement is supported
  • CLOB parameters behavior when UnicodeEnvironment=True is improved

MySQL data provider

  • Azure Database for MySQL is supported
  • JSON data type is supported

InterBase data provider

  • Support for Firebird on Android platform is added
  • Support for Firebird 3 packages is added
  • Aliases handling in the RETURNING clause is supported
  • The WireCompression connection parameter for Firebird 3 is supported

PostgreSQL data provider

  • SSPI authentication is supported
  • Processing GUID data type for the TGuidField class is improved

SQLite data provider

  • Now the Direct mode is based on the SQLite engine version 3.20.0
  • Custom SQL aggregate functions are supported

DBF data provider

  • The CodePage specific options are added
  • The ConnectMode specific options are added

DB2 data provider

  • The DECFLOAT data type is supported

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