TatukGIS Developer Kernel powerful component GIS (Geographic Information System) for the development of custom stand-alone, client-server, Web server and application are mobile. TatukGIS an ideal component to add GIS capabilities to existing products, transfer the application of GIS systems less attractive and develop new programs from scratch. DK product version is available for multiple development platforms:

  • WinForms and WPF for Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft ActiveX / OCX
  • Microsoft ASP.NET (Web solutions)
  • Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (mobile solutions)
  • Delphi / C ++ Builder VCL

DK represents each version of the API, framework and technology. The high degree of similarity between the development of technologies capable of delivering GIS applications in Visual Basic, VB.NET, C #, ASP.NET, Delphi and so on. For example, source code under version DK.NET WinForms application can be compiled as a desktop application. Ibn component is used by customers in dozens of countries.

Features and amenities TatukGIS:

  • Native support for more formats (raster, vector and spatial database)
  • Support for coordinate systems
  • Three-dimensional visualization
  • Print Preview Control Panel GPS, Flash controls North, control coordinate system
  • Control data collection, control panel, three-dimensional, geometric editing, visual editing
  • Supports a variety of vector
  • Output / input and interpretation of multiple vectors and layer types
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Topological operations
  • Support for GPS device simulator
  • Multilingual and Unicode Support
  • Convert geometry to define custom coordinate system
  • Storage and vector layers in the database
  • Simulated flood control light and shadow, the camera / scene control (zoom and rotate), rendering the line and the volume

Download HERE


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