TssResourceAllocationChart draws a chart suitable for showing the allocation of resources. Those resources could represent hotel rooms, cars, campsites, holiday cottages, machines… in fact any resource that can only allocated to a single recipient at a time. Once you have a chart, you can:

  • add or delete resources.
  • add or delete allocations for each resource.
  • change the bar style and colour of any resource, or of any allocation of a resource.
  • drag the chart right or left, that is, view an earlier or later span.
  • drag an allocation right or left, that is, reserve an earlier or later time slot.
  • drag an allocation from one resource to another. This can be useful if, for example, the resource becomes unavailable but another resource can be substituted.
  • click and drag the end of an allocation to expand or contract it.
  • greatly customise the appearance and functionality of the chart by implementing various event handlers.

[​IMG]Download HERE


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