TVideoGrabber is a software development kit to record and play back video images for languages ​​C #, VB, C ++, Delphi, C ++ Builder program is compatible with Aktyvyks. TVideoGrabber allows you to capture the audio from a live recording devices such as webcams, video recording gadgets usb, HD PCI cards as well as a set of bit map images as its video resources.

Ability to conduct the direct video streaming to other applications through the network and servers media there can be several clips of different in a clip merged and a great clip to several clips of smaller failures, each in different formats stored and processed.

This software with capabilities unmatched video recording enables playback different media (audio and video) which is provided with features such as adjustable playback speed, navigation and reclining Media, Play single individual or group for playlists ….

It should be noted that restrictions on the concurrent execution of this component, there may be at the moment several applications in mind that many examples of TVideoGrabber run, this means that a single application for both video playback and record video sound recording and playback will each resource can be completely.

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