• Basic implementation of standard VCL controls (Standard, Additional, Data Controls, Win32 tab)
    Implementation of standard dialogs (Dialogs tab)
    Implementation of standard data controls (Data Controls)
    Limited ListView control by Report mode only
    Support of custom controls by providing event handling and custom painting
    GDI and GDI+ drawing without metafile support
    OpenGL and WGL support
    Clipboard and Printer support
    What CrossVcl doesn’t support and we don’t have plan to support:

    Ownerdrawing of standard controls like button, list and menus
    GDI and GDI+ Metafiles
    Mono, 16-Colors, Hi-Colors bitmaps: Support of 1-bit image is limited
    No UI Windows APIs: Such kind of code should be rewritten using cross-platform RTL classes and functions for non-UI features
    Styling for native controls: Native controls can not be styled
    Windows only controls, like Windows 10 VCL controls
    Closed sources third-party components: All third-party components require to recompile using OSX32 or Linux Delphi compiler.

Download HERE


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