• Basic implementation of standard VCL controls (Standard, Additional, Data Controls, Win32 tab)
  • Implementation of standard dialogs (Dialogs tab)
  • Implementation of standard data controls (Data Controls)
  • Limited ListView control by Report mode only
  • Support of custom controls by providing event handling and custom painting
  • GDI and GDI+ drawing without metafile support
  • OpenGL and WGL support
  • Clipboard and Printer support

What CrossVcl doesn’t support and we don’t have plan to support:

  • Ownerdrawing of standard controls like button, list and menus
  • GDI and GDI+ Metafiles
  • Mono, 16-Colors, Hi-Colors bitmaps: Support of 1-bit image is limited
  • No UI Windows APIs: Such kind of code should be rewritten using cross-platform RTL classes and functions for non-UI features
  • Styling for native controls: Native controls can not be styled
  • Windows only controls, like Windows 10 VCL controls
  • Closed sources third-party components: All third-party components require to recompile using OSX32 or Linux Delphi compiler.

Download HERE


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