IntraWeb is a tool for Delphi to build web pages. With this tool, developers can create pages that use the same methods that are used to build Windows programs:

– With control of pallets

– and dragging them in the future design of the form window (Page HTML), the user will see.

Since HTML pages directly from the user’s computer design concepts are not loading slightly more complicated, and in fact are requested from the web server. So IntraWeb templates on the server and load the server and displays them to the user.

IntraWeb navigation technology that offers a flexible and reliable part of the efforts to remove the developer. The support provided by team members as well as unparalleled IntraWeb.

IntraWeb is fantastic because the framework is very flexible, powerful and fully compatible with Borland Software Corporation is a culture of excellence that suggests encounter. If you have not ever try, do not wait. This tool is invaluable Balvaq.

IntraWeb lets us Web information systems at intervals that go beyond the traditional development tools and methods, build. Previous tools of Web information system, the months of time needed to develop and manage user accounts were limited. The new system is fast, flexible and user-friendly. Members parts are loving it!

New features component IntraWeb:
– New Handler classes (alternative TURLResponder)

– New AJAX file uploader control (TIWFileUploader)

– development of new ASPX

– been a lot of improvements in performance and stability

– for new cache cache

– compatibility with HTML 5 and the new default DOC

– Supports all versions of Unicode in Delphi / RAD Studio

Download HERE


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