Version 10.2.1 (11/8/2017)

  • Fixed Trackbar Ticks display in original 10.2 which would previously only show up if the transparent property was true. Also fixed auto-alignment of trackbar when resizing and two thumb non-bitmap dragging problems.
  • upload_2017-11-13_9-37-13.png


  • TwwTrackBar/TwwTrackBarPanel – New Components. Support multiple thumbs, inverted display, tick marks, labels, custom styles, and custom thumbs. Also bindable to both integer and float fields. The TwwTrackBar is also embeddable in the FirePower Grids.
  • TwwListBox – Support background images
  • TwwEdit – Fix bug with not being able to clear numeric fields
  • TwwDataGrid – Support Options.dgRowResize at runtime to allow the user to resize the columns. This can be useful if some long text is partially visible and they wish to resize the rows to see the text. Note that dgRowReszie will resize the default row height so all rows are effected.
  • TwwLookupComboEdit – Fix bug specific to RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo with Android that would cause an access violation to occur if the keyboard was open prior to bringing up the lookup dialog. Also fixed issue on mobile devices where a DataSource’s OnChanged did not fire after selecting a new value from the list.
  • TwwCalendarEdit – Fix bug specific to Desktop devices when using the default Style that would cause the drop down picker to not update the month’s display of days after changing the month or year in the popup.




Version 10.1.7 (10/8/2017)
TwwDataGrid – Fixed issue with footers not painted correctly in some instances when the horizontal scroll bar is shown.
TwwDataGrid – Added column property TitleAlign to allow individual column customization of the title’s alignment




Version 10.1.6 (9/29/2017)
TwwLayoutGrid/TwwDataGrid – In some rare instances on android devices, the app could freeze when scrolling at the bottom when PaintOptions.BounceAtLimits is true. This problem is fixed.
TwwLayoutGrid – When scrolling a multi dimensional TwwLayoutGrid with the scrollbar, it could fail to advance to the end of the data if the bottom row was not completely filled with records. This problem is fixed.
TwwRecordViewPanel – Fixed issue with virtual keyboard hiding the edit control when it is being edited. This problem only existed for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo for Android devices.

Version 10.1.5 (9/25/2017)
TwwLayoutGrid – Support embedded TGridPanelLayout to provide further layout customization for each record.
TwwLayoutGrid – When used in multi-dimensional mode (RowCount>1 and ColCount>1), the lines around the record were not painted if the ReadOnly property was false. This problem is fixed.
TwwLayoutGrid – Fixed problem when clicking on the bottom of the grid to move to a new record could cause the wrong row to be selected. This problem occurs only in multi-dimensional mode with ReadOnly=false.
TwwRecordViewPanel – Fixed problem with Horizontal Layout not respecting the ItemType of <NewLine>.
TwwRecordViewPanel – Fixed problem with ControlType of gdctButton not working
TwwDataGrid – Fixed problem with a non visible group title button was being painted in the wrong position in some cases when scrolling to the right and then back to the left column.
TwwDataGrid – Improved support for HintType when using OnCalcHint event. You can now use the GetValue method of the parameter ACellHintInfo to retrieve the values of the current row’s data.
TwwCalendarEdit – Now supports time picker on mobile devices when configured to edit times


Version 10.1.4 (9/16/2017)
TwwRecordViewPanel – Made public RecordView’s Tab method
TwwDataGrid – Added HintType property to support cell/row/column level hints. Use the OnCalcHint event to customize the hint that is displayed.
TwwDataGrid – Fixed bug relating to rows being painted wrong for fixed columns with dgAlternatingRowFixed.
TwwLayoutGrid – When PaintOptions.PaintEfficiency is set the BufferRecord, the grid would still paint the row lines even if there was no data. This problem is fixed.


Version 10.1.3 (8/18/2017)

  • TwwDataGrid – Fixed issue when using horizontal smooth scrolling where the first column could be duplicated when clicking on a new row if you have already horizontally scrolled to the right
  • TwwDataGrid – Fixed issue when hiding data column lines where the background painting did not fill the line portion.
  • TwwDataGrid – Sort icon now defined in TwwManager





Version 10.1.2 (8/8/2017)

  • Supports FMXLinux to build Linux applications – Must be using RAD Studio 10.2 Release 1 and FMXLinux.
  • To see an example of a FirePower Linux app, see the bottom of the FirePower page.
  • TwwDataGrid – Fix case where VScrollBar was referenced before it was created causing access violation. Also fixed case when destroying form, the grid could yield an access violation
  • TwwDataGrid – Padding of last column using Options.dgPadLastColumn was too large which could cause horizontal scrollbar to appear.
  • TwwDataGrid – Fixed issue with Title buttons not being drawn correctly in some instances.

























Version 10.0.7

  • TwwListBox design enhancements to reflect text attribute changes immediately. Improved support for pre-defined templates.
  • TwwCalendarEdit – Allow two calendar edits to edit single field (one for date, and one for time)

Version 10.0.6

  • TwwDataGrid – Fixed ColumnByIndex method using wrong parameter. Could cause access violations when title is clicked in some configurations.
  • TwwCalendarEdit now supports being bound to numeric fields instead of just date and time fields

Version 10.0.5
New Email with Attachment functionality – Send emails with attachments for iOS, Android, and Windows/Outlook. Includes both Pascal and C++ demos. To run the demo in iOS, please see the online help on wwEmail.
New Demo – Show how to load remote images without blocking the main thread. You can smoothly scroll the TwwLayoutGrid even when the images are still loading in the background.
Fixed issue for TwwAdvComboEdit where ItemIndex stored at design time did not properly update StoredText property when loading form.

Version 10.0.4
TwwDataGrid -Refresh paint on changing record count. Fixed issue when have no records in dataset and not allowing editors to become active
Version 10.0.3
New feature: No longer require DataSource in TwwRecordViewPanel – You can now use this control more generally to configure forms for user settings, project options, etc.
Initial Tokyo Build – Note: If building for Android, we recommend using the Berlin version as the FireMonkey library has some outstanding issues with regards to Android. See Quality Control at Embarcadero for more info.
Version 10.0.2
Fixed issues with TwwRecordViewPanel not recognizing tab in some cases when advancing to the next combo edit control
Fixed issues when in TwwCalendarEdit not recognizing alternate date formats including the ‘mmm’ month format (Jan, Feb, etc.)
Fixed a form in the MainDemo which failed with an alternate date format.
Fixed an issue where the ColorComboEdit would not show some or any of the colors in the dropdown list
Version 10.0.1 – Initial (See New features in OverviewFirePower document on FirePower info page)

Version (3/24/2017)
TwwComboEdit, TwwAdvComboEdit – Add new property ShowAsPopupSelections which shows the drop-down list as a popup menu instead.
TwwAdvComboEdit – Add new event OnChangeValue which is fired when you close the drop-down list or when you change change the internal value of the combo. The OnClosePopup only fires after the popup (i.e. listbox) has closed.
Fixed problem where TwwComboEdit/TwwAdvComboEdit on TMultiView not allowing focus change.
Fixed TwwCalendarEdit when configured to edit just the time, it could yield a runtime error.
TwwLookupComboEdit – Allow typing into a field that is a lookup combo associated to a lookupfield in the dateset. Previously would not allow keyboard entry in this case. Also now prevents value from changing if style is wwcbsDropDownList and ShowMatchText is true if the typed in value is not in the list.
TwwRecordViewPanel – Allow record view to handle gracefully sysutils.abort in OnResize event.
TwwDataGrid – Fixed problem when closing dataset and re-opening dataset could cause an access violation on iOS. This problem was related to internal dataset bookmarks that needed to be released when the dataset was closed.


Version (2/7/2017)
TwwDataGrid – Fixed issues when creating columns at runtime could yield access violations during startup when running in OS X
Version (1/31/2017)
TwwLookupComboEdit in TwwLayoutGrid – Automatically support the ability to display the descriptive portion for each record without having to create a lookup field. Previously the lookup combos did not display the correct text except of the active row
Fixed issues when using TwwDataGrid.Options.dgPadLastColumn in that the padding was not always computed correctly
TwwListBox – Fixed small memory leak


Version (1/8/2017)



  • TwwRecordViewPanel – Prevent errors if record view item is not bound to a field
  • TwwComboEdit, TwwAdvComboEdit – Fixed access violation when editing on mobile devices
  • TwwComboEdit – Fixed ItemIndex so it is accurate after changing internal value
  • TwwCheckbox – New property CheckboxTextAlignment: TwwCheckboxTextAlignment to allow the checkbox text to appear on the right of the checkbox
  • TwwListBox – if style is using gradient background for TListBox, we default instead to default background color for each listboxitem. Previously the listbox could like messy with each listboxitem having its own gradient.
  • TwwDataGrid – When cancelling the editing of a new record without making changes, the record is deleted. This was automatically done when bound to a TDataSet, but when bound to a adapter through the TPrototypeBindSource, the record remained.

Version (12/22/2016)

  • Enhanced Validation demos to include numeric editors
  • Regular expresión validation enhanced so that leading ^ and trailing $ are no longer required. This effects TwwEdit and TwwDataGrid validation routines.

Version 7.1.5 (12/19/2016)

  • TwwComboEdit – Automatically clear Item Index to -1 when removing all records in the drop-down list
  • Fix clearing of first typed character when going into insert mode – This could happen if you have an empty grid and type into a cell.
  • Fixed C++ MainDemo so that when exiting Win32 apps, it does not yield an error
  • Installer modified to refer to not update delphi lib/include directories. This also resolves C++ 64 bit iOS problems when referring to pointer types.
  • TwwRecordViewPanel – New event OnEditValueChanged which fires when any bound control in the record view is modified by the end-user
  • Fixed TwwDataGrid Columns designer so the multi-select checkbox column shows up when selecting Add Field.

Version (10/28/2016)



  • TwwRecordViewPanel – Fixed issue when going into edit mode, it would recreate the controls yielding an access violation or cursor moving to the wrong control. This situation would occur when bound to an Adapter datasource.
  • TwwDataGrid – Fixed issue where In some cases it could yield an access violation when opening a form where the grid was in a Frame.
  • TwwImageControl – Could yield access violation in some cause if the image was binded to a filtered dataset. This problem would manifest itself when closing the form
  • TwwDataGrid – Fixed flicker issue when sorting the grid in some cases

Version (10/20/2016)



  • TwwRecordViewPanel – Fixed issue when going into edit mode, it would recreate the controls yielding an access violation or cursor moving to the wrong control. This situation would occur when bound to an Adapter datasource.

Version 7.1.0 (10/10/2016)

  • Compatibility with RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 1. Note that there are separate builds: one with update 1 and one without update 1. Please download the appropriate build for your version of Berlin.
  • TwwRecordViewPanel Fixed IDE access violation issue with TwwRecordViewPanel when changing to other devices with multi-device designer. A new build for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 1. Please download the appropriate version for your version of RAD Studio.
  • Fixed issue with label not showing up for some edit controls in some instances when the items were created with code.
  • TwwDataGrid – Handling of Editable Fixed columns could cause other columns to jump when entering editor mode. This problem is fixed. Also fixed some issues with the OnCustomDrawCell parameters not always having accurate info.
  • TwwLayoutGrid – Fixed issues when reaching the bottom or top with the bounce back effect.


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